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What are Touchpoints?
from Touchpoints: Birth to 3
- Appropriate Discipline
- Common Allergies
- Dealing with Fear
A Conversation
  with Dr. Brazelton

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Touchpoints is the book for every parent of an infant or toddler. Families everywhere have long found reassurance and much-needed support in T. Berry Brazelton’s experience as a beloved pediatrician to two generations of patients. His great empathy for the universal concerns of parenthood—and his candor and wit as he explains the complex feelings parenthood engenders—have made him America’s favorite pediatrician.

Now Dr. Brazelton’s best-selling, essential guide has been completely updated and enhanced with timely new material.

Part One is a chronological account of the touchpoints of development—the predictable spurts that are often preceded by distressing regressions. Part Two is an alphabetical reference to the most common problems of early childhood. Part Three explains the vital role of the child’s “allies in development”—mothers and fathers, grandparents, nannies and childcare centers, pediatricians and nurses, and friends.

Topics covered include:

  • ADHD and normal hyperactivity—making the distinction
  • Allergies and asthma prevention
  • Battles parents can’t win
  • Choices in child care
  • Co-sleeping, pros and cons
  • Depression and sadness—when to worry
  • Developmental delays—when to be concerned
  • Discipline—developmental approaches
  • Grandparents—their newly important roles
  • Hearing tests—early detection
  • Infections and the immune system
  • Learning and play
  • Obesity prevention
  • Prematurity—new kinds of care, new challenges
  • Preschool—how to prepare
  • Resilience in infancy and childhood
  • Security and fears
  • SIDS
  • Sleep patterns in infancy
  • Temperament
  • Toilet training and “Elimination Communication”
  • TV and video—psychological and physical effects
  • Your child’s doctor—what to expect
Touchpoints, Birth to 3
Second Edition / Fully Revised
by T. Berry Brazleton, M.D.,
Revised with Joshua Sparrow, M.D
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